Welcome from Kathy Clair-Hayes, LICSW

Thanks for taking the time to learn about my clinical practice and how we can work together. Picking a therapist is a very personal choice. You need to feel that your therapist understands your experience, your challenges and moves you a new way of seeing yourself and your strengths.

I provide psychotherapy for adults and couples. While I live in Jamaica Plain, MA, I provide all my services virtually. I specialize in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss, and relationship challenges.

I specialize in integrating astrology into psychotherapy. During COVID I trained to become an astrologer. I have found that understanding your natal birth chart and the energies of our world today can give you a leg up in understanding your strengths, your challenges and how to navigate the world in which you live. There are cycles that we go through in life, astrology helps us prepare, understand and thrive through the lessons of those cycles.

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Light Therapy for Depression

Do you ever notice that on a sunny day it is easier to jump out of bed and start your day?  Are you in a better mood on sunny mornings?  As I have gotten older, [...]

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Mindful Dog Walking

When Thor and I became a team, I thought, “Great now I will take energetic walks and lose some weight.”  We would start out from my house with a bounce in our step.  I knew [...]